This Killer Crime Fiction Website Offers books where the main genre is Crime Fiction.

Crime Fiction books deal with not only the crime, criminals, their motives, but some books are written from the criminal(s) perspective instead of the detective or law enforcement perspective. In most cases there is a crime, most often a murder or murders. Usually this is followed by an investigation, possible arrest and conviction, even death of the perpetrator.

There are some sub-genres that fall under this Crime genre, such as mystery, suspense and even romance.

Many times a Crime Fiction Thriller is based on a true story with fictional characters and real outcomes.

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We ask that one of your book’s major key word is 'Crime Fiction'.

Thank you for your participation in this website.

We wish you the reader, many hours of crime fiction reading pleasure.

It Is the reader's obligation to read all the reviews and decide for yourself.

We wish you the author, an increased readership.


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